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Remember open tabs and position within PDFs

When closing Mendeley, have the option to remember the current open PDF documents and also the scroll position you're currently at within the PDF. Similar to what Firefox does with open tabs and what PDF viewers when re-opening a PDF doc.

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Ricardo VidalRicardo Vidal shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →
Michael HauserMichael Hauser shared a merged idea: When closing Mendeley, save opened PDF tabs and restore them on next start  ·   · 
Juan Sebastian Tobon CondeJuan Sebastian Tobon Conde shared a merged idea: Recovered your open documents (or session) on the reader browser for next time you open Mendeley  ·   · 
Gaurav WattsGaurav Watts shared a merged idea: Mendley should store current session somewhere and should reopen all the opened files if it crashes or gets shutdown accidently.  ·   · 
BB shared a merged idea: It would be wonderful to be able to save and load sessions (i.e., reload the articles previously used).  ·   · 
Robert OrzannaRobert Orzanna shared a merged idea: Restart with last opened tabs and page numbers  ·   · 
gustavo magalhaesgustavo magalhaes shared a merged idea: provide a "save tabs" when quiting Mendeley (like Firefox for example)  ·   · 
SebastianSebastian shared a merged idea: Save open tabs, as in Firefox.  ·   · 
SS shared a merged idea: Restarting Mendely Desktop with the last State  ·   · 
Marc JMarc J shared a merged idea: reopen pdfs that were open when mendeley was closed  ·   · 
Eben BroadbentEben Broadbent shared a merged idea: remember open PDFs when closing application and reopen them when restarting it  ·   · 
spfspf shared a merged idea: to open documents (pdf) from last session!  ·   · 
Ricardo VidalRicardo Vidal shared a merged idea: Remember open tabs and position within PDFs  ·   · 


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