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making it possible to highlight text with different colors (not only yellow)

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Amr El-HadidyAmr El-Hadidy shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →
Farid AtighehchiFarid Atighehchi shared a merged idea: Coloured Highlights  ·   · 
Katherine ShireyKatherine Shirey shared a merged idea: Make different color highlighting available to aid tracking of big ideas across articles.  ·   · 
Bassem AlamiBassem Alami shared a merged idea: Highlights colours  ·   · 
Akhilesh K.S. YadavAkhilesh K.S. Yadav shared a merged idea: Make it to highlights in three/four colours  ·   · 
ArunkumarArunkumar shared a merged idea: Currently the text can be highlighted using only yellow colour. If some more colors are there, it would good.  ·   · 
kumarakurubaran selvarajkumarakurubaran selvaraj shared a merged idea: I request adding more features to desktop pdf viewer, more colors for highlighting tools,more font colors for notes  ·   · 
PaulPaul shared a merged idea: Add highlight colors  ·   · 
Bryce BushmanBryce Bushman shared a merged idea: Enhance the highlight tool with more colors and an option to export all text highlighted in each color.  ·   · 
Camille CoudratCamille Coudrat shared a merged idea: possibility to highlight references in different colours in the main interface (like can be done already in MacOS for files)  ·   · 
Ramon PendezaRamon Pendeza shared a merged idea: Add colors to the highlight text tool!!! ASAP =D  ·   · 
Ana Raquel SoaresAna Raquel Soares shared a merged idea: It would also be nice to underline in different colours and to have the possibility to put boxes around text/figures.  ·   · 
Akshaya Kumar BiswalAkshaya Kumar Biswal shared a merged idea: that there should be a option to choose different colours for highlighting the text  ·   · 
Urun TekinUrun Tekin shared a merged idea: Add a tool to remove highlights, as if highlighting them, and give different color options for importance classification.  ·   · 
Mathias HasselblattMathias Hasselblatt shared a merged idea: add different colors for notes and highlight.  ·   · 
AmirAmir shared a merged idea: Different colours for text highlighting would be very welcome.  ·   · 
AnonymousAnonymous shared a merged idea: It will be very good if user could modify colors when using highlight function, That would be very helpful for clearity  ·   · 
Dogukan Dogu YavasliDogukan Dogu Yavasli shared a merged idea: to add different colour of highlight tools for texts -- not only yellow  ·   · 
Hao WANGHao WANG shared a merged idea: More color choices to highlight the text  ·   · 
BkrohnBkrohn shared a merged idea: Color selection of notes  ·   · 
Ryan MorrieRyan Morrie shared a merged idea: add more multiple colors to the highlight option on Mendeley desktop  ·   · 
AnonymousAnonymous shared a merged idea: Coloured highlights  ·   · 
Dominique ArseneaultDominique Arseneault shared a merged idea: Making it possible to highlight library entries with color  ·   · 
Christopher HarwoodChristopher Harwood shared a merged idea: Annotations: Cleaner, simpler display in notes pane; Categorization/Tagging; Colors  ·   · 
Andrea GonzalezAndrea Gonzalez shared a merged idea: add multiple colours for the highlighter feature  ·   · 
Adrian Tovar SimoncicAdrian Tovar Simoncic shared a merged idea: Add more review tools (e.g. colors for marker)  ·   · 
David MastersDavid Masters shared a merged idea: Resize, different colours, and tags for post-it notes  ·   · 
Mauricio AndresMauricio Andres shared a merged idea: Coloured annotations  ·   · 
planned  ·  MendeleyAdminMendeley (Admin, Mendeley) responded  · 

Hey everyone, we’ve added a comment below explaining the situation with this feature in more detail, to give you all a better understanding of why this is a non-trivial change. We’ve changed the status to “Planned” now that we have some actual movement towards it, as outlined below.

Appreciate your patience, especially with such sparse updates from our end. Apologies for that.


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  • Mathieu LohrMathieu Lohr commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Is there any update on this available? It's been almost a year, and it seems obvious that this is a key feature everyone is requesting.

  • Mackenzie CatronMackenzie Catron commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    It's been almost two years since this (actually very helpful) response was posted by the Mendeley Admin. Come on, Mendeley! Your users clearly want this, let's see a solution!

  • Tyler PoppenwimerTyler Poppenwimer commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Yes please, more colors so I can differentiate, what is important, what I question, what I find odd, and what I think is a good idea for future work

  • Dalina JohariDalina Johari commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Please add more colours for the highlighter and the note pad.
    Also, other functions such as underlining etc

  • Dylan DahlquistDylan Dahlquist commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    +1 on wanting more colors for highlighting.

    Would also be cool if you would add in "underlining" function and "crossing out" function, with multiple colors too.

  • Heuishil ChangHeuishil Chang commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I will appreciate if there will be an improvement on this in the near future.
    Presumably not a few users first skim read articles stored in Mendeley with highlighting important parts, and then print out the ones they find most important. Unfortunately, Current yellow colour makes the texts too dark to read when they are printed out in black-and-white.
    I believe that Mendeley is superior to other reference managing software in many aspects, but this very little thing is actually undermining the usability of the software.

  • Omar MianOmar Mian commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Whilst you're working on improvements to your annotations framework (which I assume is necessary to implement this feature), can I please suggest you also give us the ability to toggle on/off the display of annotations.

    When I want to look at a previously-read paper with a fresh eye, the annotations get in the way. I'd like to be able to hide them from view without deleting them.

    Would also like to be able to hide the group annotations on a paper independently of my personal annotations. The inability to do this is why I don't use Mendeley groups, even though group annotations do show up in a different colour.

  • Mostafa ZahmatkeshMostafa Zahmatkesh commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I'm very agree! i need at least 2 different colors, and because its not possible with mandeley, i have to open my files with another software.

  • Jussi PalomäkiJussi Palomäki commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    "At some point in the past, a choice was made to differentiate the highlights of each user by showing them in different colours." (admin 13.2.2013)

    How about creating two modes for viewing documents: "group" and "alone". In "group" mode Mendeley would work as it works now. In "alone" mode user could create "annotations by virtual collegues". This way different colors could be achieved without fundamentally changing anything else.

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