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Mendley should store current session somewhere and should reopen all the opened files if it crashes or gets shutdown accidently.

If a computer gets shutdown accidentally or user closes mendley by mistake ,all the files he had opened to read are gone. When user restarts mendeley , he has to search for all the files and has to open all the files which he was reading one by one. I request you to introduce a session storage facility in which mendeley will store all the information about the current session. And when reopened, it would automatically open all the files that were opened at the time of shutting down mendeley. If the user is closing the application himself, it should ask the user that if he wants to store the current session. If Mendeley shuts down accidentally then it should automatically save all the info of current session. It would also help those researchers who are reading two papers about two topics at a time. They will be able to save two sessions separately and can restart all over from the place they left before closing mendeley.

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