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add a feature to continue after resume from where I left off

Let us say that I have number of tabs open in Mendeley. Then I close it in that situation. When open it later on, only the main window opens.

As I can find here (http://support.mendeley.com/customer/portal/questions/1494626-continue-where-i-left-off), it is not possible at this moment. I suggest that you implement a feature which allows me to continue in the same situation before I closed Mendeley, all tabs, all subwindows, the pdf readers in the same page position.

This will be more like the "Continue where I left off" like Google Chrome or other browsers.

I understand there are already two requests (http://feedback.mendeley.com/forums/4941-general/suggestions/1898283-resume-reading-from-the-where-you-left and http://feedback.mendeley.com/forums/4941-general/suggestions/1390929-implement-a-way-to-resume-reading-a-pdf-file-where) along the same line. But my request is actually a superset of these two and more encompassing and hence will be more useful.

Thanks in advance.

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